Kevin On SmartScootSmartScoot is a scooter that is designed for those who want to continue their active lifestyles. I have looked at other mobility aids, but the SmartScoot is a life changer.

Suffering from MS, it has become harder and harder to get around. I have tried canes, walkers and wheelies. Nothing seemed to help. The larger riding chairs did not seem like a good idea.

But while traveling I became aware of the SmartScoot…

I was on a cruise having a hard time getting around the boat in a wheelchair. My girlfriend was having a hard time pushing me everywhere. Being a big guy I felt bad that she was struggling so much.

Then one day I saw this woman on a SmartScoot. I became very interested in this lightweight and easy-to-use mobility device, so I stopped her to talk about it. She was also suffering from MS and she explained that she was renting it to try it out. She said “in the first 36 hours I was hooked.”

I asked her where she got it. She told me about this great company called Scoot Anywhere USA. She told me about how to order it from this company and told me that “they will let you rent one to try it out!”

She explained that she talked to a woman whose name was MJ.

I immediately contacted MJ at Scoot Anywhere USA when I got off the boat to find out more about it. MJ was very personable and able to answer all the questions I had about the whole process, as well as the scooter.

Instead of buying it outright, I decided to take it for a test spin. And like she said, I was immediately hooked. I was able to go shopping, traveling and simply getting around without any problem.

Since it is so light and compact I am able to use it on a daily basis. Getting through the airport has been easier than ever.  With the help of the flight crew I am able to gate check it and remove the battery, and take it on with me.

I truly believe that this machine has been a LIFE CHANGER for my quality of life and those around me. I would highly recommend you call and ask for MJ at Scoot Anywhere USA if you are looking to improve your life.

I feel safe and confident in the SmartScoot and that you will have the same feeling that I do when you try this light, easy to transport machine that changed my life. Thanks you SmartScoot for giving me my self-reliance back. This is the best decision to change your life.

You can contact me anytime to discuss my feeling toward this game-changing machine.

The only problem that I have towards the SmartScoot is that I didn’t find out about it and purchase one sooner.


-Kevin A.

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About the Author:

MJ Cook is the Managing Partner at Scoot Anywhere USA. She specializes in providing mobility solutions to customers throughout North America including mobility scooter rentals and sales.