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Nancy S SmartScoot Review

Review From Nancy S.

“It’s been a couple months now and I’m very happy.

I wanted you to see how happy after riding home from an evening swim.

It’s comfortable and easy to handle. I’m so pleased.

Thank you you so much for your help and guidance.”

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Jen C Testimonial

Review From Jen C.

“Renting a scooter from you was the best decision I’ve made my entire summer. Because of my lack of mobility, the fun cruise I went on would have been extremely stressful, since the ship was over 1000 feet long. I rented the lightest and most compact scooter I could find…

We could even carry it on excursion boats and the beach! Most other people on scooters were jealous that mine was so small and light. It was also super fast! I won a few races LOL!

The rental process was also super easy, and you were very accommodating with my travel plans, meeting me on the way to the ship. I will definitely rent from you in the future if I choose another cruise out of New Jersey!

Thank you again!”

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SmartScoot In Annapolis

Review From Erinn In Annapolis

“They were able to make more memories with their Papa than ever expected because of SmartScoot!”

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Review From Debbie R.

I just wanted to thank you for your help getting the travel scooter rented and delivered to my son so quickly. He broke his femur in a snowboarding accident and only had 6 weeks of school left before graduating from UNR. I was a wreck dealing with the accident and you were so kind and helpful. Your concern for my son was amazing and the fact that Don could deliver it to him the same day was great.

It was a lifesaver for my son, it gave him the mobility he needed to get around campus and not have to rely only on crutches. The scooter is so lightweight and compact that even his girlfriend could assist him with it. Thank you again for the peace of mind you gave this mom.

I’ve attached a short video of him scooting around downtown when we went to visit him and took him to lunch. This was one week after his accident/surgery and he couldn’t put any wait on his leg but had no problem with the scooter.

SmartScoot Rental Review

Review From Marla

“After a frantic late evening call from my mother, who is scooter dependent (anyone with mobility challenges should consider one – it is life changing!) I spent 2 hours reaching out to various scooter companies attempting to at least rent one temporarily. I suppose the message I left (most companies were only open normal business hours – and not at 10 PM) was similar to that of my mother – frantic – and MJ from Scootanywhereusa called me back.

It did not take longer than a minute to realize I was speaking to someone knowledgeable, caring, understanding, and well-versed in the needs of mobility challenged individuals – and especially seniors.

MJ immediately offered and did visit my mother on a Saturday and brought her a temporary scooter. Who does that?

It has been a long time since I have experienced such amazing customer service. MJ knows her products and understands the needs and I would highly recommend reaching out to MJ at scootanywhereusa with any scooter needs. There is no question that MJ will be the only one I will be recommending to anyone with similar needs. MDS, Audubon PA.”

Scooter In Airport

Review From Martha K.

It was a pleasure working with MJ. My husband was very happy with the scooter for many reasons.

It was easy to mange as it weighs only 40lbs and collapsed easily to put in the trunk of the car. He rode it to the gangway of the airplane, it was conveniently stored in the cargo part of the airplane, and waiting for him when he got to his destination.

He was able to ride it around the cruise ship and the scooter was stored in the luggage compartment when he took bus tours. He enjoyed his freedom most of all. Thank you for making his cruise so enjoyable!!”

Sylvia Using SmartScoot In Italy

Review From Sylvia In Italy

“The scooter has made this trip possible for me. I can never thank you enough. Without this scooter I might as well have stayed home.

Our trip has been just wonderful in spite of pain I suffer from my sciatica. Quite frankly I am just so thankful to God that I am still alive and able to experience all of these 3 Italian cities with my wonderful husband and family. Sending my love and appreciation.”

Kevin SmartScoot

Review From Kevin A.

“I truly believe that this machine has been a LIFE CHANGER for my quality of life and those around me. 

I would highly recommend you call and ask for MJ at Scoot Anywhere USA if you are looking to improve your life.” 

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“Hello, I just wanted to follow up on the scooter purchase. It is a new form of freedom says the wife. Thank you for the rental discount.

– Dave

“Thank you for taking time out to help me with this order. You provide such awesome customer service and we will use your services again!”

– Beth

“The scooter was FANTASTIC!!!! It was all and more of what you said it to be. Just GREAT!!!!

– Wendy

“Thanks so much! I meant to let you know when they arrived, but I forgot. Everything arrived and is wonderful. Thank you so much…I love my new scooter! :)”

– Heather

“Thank you MJ for helping me so much! You have given me the opportunity to get around and I was losing that! Take good care!”

– Carol

“My daughter wasn’t allowed to put weight on her leg now and was at school. The scooter allowed her to stay in school and stay involved in activities. The size and turning radius made it easy to maneuver giving her great access. She got attached to it, says she is really going to miss it. She gained the name of “Scooter Girl” on campus. Thousands of people asked her about the scooter. The able body students were envious of the speed she could zip around campus.”

– Paul

Wow I am really impressed. This was the first time in as long as I can remember that I did some shopping and when finished I was free of pain. You don’t know how great that is. I was very impressed with it’s power. I would not change anything about it.”

– Mike

“As I think I told you I used the scoot at the AACA Hershey meet Thursday through Saturday. I was on asphalt surface about 99% of the time and the unit really saved my bacon. It performed beautifully. I used it all day following instructions and at the end of the day the battery indicator was still green. I would recommend this to anyone – and passed out a few cards while there. Saw a couple of others on the field – plus a wide assortment of bigger ones. The convenience of having you ship it and shipping it back is tremendous.”

– Arthur

“I rented an oxygen system from another vendor along with your “Travel Scoot” for our cruise. You were the only one who did not “mess it up”. It was a nightmare using the other companies, and I really appreciate your attention to my needs. Many people wanted information on the scooter, so I gave out several of your cards. Thank you again. It’s been a pleasure!”

– Deborah

“Just got back (late Sunday) and wanted to let you know that the scooter was all you said and more. My at first very resistant husband now wants one. We gave your cards to the first folks who were really interested. When we were out of cards we were writing the name on napkins. We flew to California for a cruise. Both air and sea travel were much easier with the scooter. We didn’t have any problems with cabs, planes, tours, boats. Thanks so much for help us to have a great vacation. My husband wants more info on models, features etc and then wants to purchase…Thanks again!”

– Kathy

“We are both looking forward to our cruise and the happy time we will be able to spend with the family. The scooter is just what we needed for Marcia to access to all that the ship has to offer. Your customer service is great and I’m sure your products have brought many people a new found freedom.”

– Bob

“When I first read the testimonials, I thought they were too good to be true then I rented one, it changed my life.”

– Robert

“Now I have the ability to keep up with the family when we travel, I can do things I could never do without the portable scooter.”

– Margie

We took it on a cruise, on numerous shore excursions, no problem getting it on the tour buses.”

– Joan

Went to Italy with it and I would have been unable to enjoy the sights without it, it was everything you said it would be.”

– Marie

We attended a huge art show on Chicago’s Navy Pier. It’s longer than a football field. Rode the scoot from the hotel to the Pier, all day at the show, rode back, no power loss, terrific.”

– Christine

“It’s beautifully designed, very well engineered, assembles immediately without tools, and I can travel anywhere with it.”

– Joe

It made our trip to Peru possible. We could not have made it without the little scooter.”

– Mark

“Took it along on a cruise in the Med..used it everywhere. Great product and great idea to ship it to my home…”

– Ed

“I rented one for a bus tour in New England, worked perfectly and it was easy to load on/off the tour bus at every stop.”

– Virginia

Took it with me to Disney World, and people chased me to inquire where I rented it…”

– Bob

“The freedom and independence you get from it is well worth the money.”

– Jane

“That Lithium-ion battery is amazing. I zipped around airports, aboard my cruise ship, and the battery was going strong, never ran out of power.

– Dotty